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Principal Investigator 

Lalima K. Madan, Ph.D.      (Formerly, Lalima G. Ahuja, Ph.D.)

I obtained my PhD in Molecular Biophysics from the prestigious Indian Institute of Science (birthplace of the Ramachandran Plot), Bangalore, India in 2012.  It is here that I understood my love for studying enzymes and doodling protein structures! In 2013, I joined Prof. Susan Taylor at the University of California San Diego as a Postdoctoral Fellow to study the allosteric underpinnings of eukaryotic Protein Kinases. In my own laboratory at MUSC, I seek to combine my knowledge of protein structure, dynamics, enzymology, and allostery to ask key questions in phosphorylation- based signaling. 

Outside of the lab I enjoy walking around nature, listening to Music, practicing Odissi dance, and trying my hand at photography.




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